About Us


MaatiKala as the name suggests, is the dedicated platform for the art of clay. For this form of craft the raw material clay is derived from the beds of water bodies like river, lakes and ponds. The clay is cleaned and mixed to give shape through the hand, wheel or molded into the desired object. The items are dried, fired and glazed as per the requirements.

MaatiKala.com is established with the vision of bridging the gap between the clay artisans and the art lovers, wherein we display the beautiful and wide range of clay products and make it available to you at a very affordable rate. We intent to reach the widely spread audience and make their favorite products available in the comfort of their home.


1. Beautiful products at affordable prices

2. Wide range of products including decorative objects, cookware, crockery, pots, idols, toys etc.

3. Eco-friendly products with number of health benefits over the metal utensils

4. Hassle-free shopping experience with prompt delivery

5. Secure and flexible payment options